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10 Best drugstore red lipsticks

Red lipstick is the timeless “secret weapon” of each woman. Studies have proved that men are completely unconsciously attracted by bright red lips. And a red mouth is also what a man focuses most when looking at a woman’s face. And when you draw people’s attention to your mouth, it’s much likely that the words come out of your mouth have that attention as well.

Although a pink or orange lipstick will provide you with a youthful and cheerful look, the red is the best color to enhance sex appeal. And it’s not too much to say that the function of a red lipstick is to make you stronger, more confident and more capable than you did without it.

10 Best drugstore red lipsticks

In the past, the red lipsticks are regarded as the stamp of immorality and almost every people were too shy to wear them. However, nowadays, when red lipsticks have become the symbol for women’s right and an independent charm, the sign of self-assurance and power, the cosmetics industry offers you millions kinds of red lipsticks, which are various in brands and materials. And below are the best drugstore red lipsticks you can find on the market these days.

1. Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes Lip Color, Rich Ruby


This is one item in the creamy matte lipstick collection for fall from Maybelline. The formula of this lipstick really has good color payoff and the pigmentation is extremely great. Moreover, the lipstick glides easily and remains gorgeous without being dry on lips or losing intensity after at least five hours.

2. Revlon Colorstay Overtime Liquid Lipcolor, Non-Stop Cherry 010


The amazing feature of this lipstick is that it is proved to a “kiss-proof” lipstick. I mean once it is smoothly applied on your lips, the color does not come off all day after eating, drinking and, of course, even kissing. ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor will cover you lips in full coverage color and never make you feel dry.

3. Revlon Color Burst Matte Lip Balm, Striking


This lip color is so lightweight that you may not notice you are wearing lipstick at all. However, the color is still very deep and fantastic. The construction is pencil-like, which make it much easier to apply and as the product can retracts up and down, you will never waste any part of it.

4. Revlon Super Lustrous – Pearl Lipstick, Cherry Blossom


On opening the black, sturdy case, you can immediately see the cherry blossom color of this lipstick revealed through the transparent-top cap. The texture is smooth and color and enhance the fair-skinned beauty. It covers pigmented lips to a good extent and its smell is kind of natural and charming.

5. NYX Butter Lipstick – BLS11 Licorice


It’s not a matte lipstick but it still lasts very long on your lips. And as a butter one, it glides smoothly and does not cake on or make you lips dry. It has a very rich color, however, you can layer it to adjust the color when wearing. Believe me, you will purchase other ones of the NYX Butter Lipstick in different colors.

6. L’oreal Paris Cosmetics Colour Riche Collection Exclusive Red’s, 403 Eva’s Red, 0.13 Ounce


This item comes from the new range of pure red lipstick introduced this year by the world’s leading cosmetic brand, L’oreal Paris. With this Exclusive Red collection, every woman can find her own red. The lipstick is made with developed formula for bold and rich color as well as providing comfort and long lasting.



Kate Moss has launched her second lipstick collection, which includes 5 shades picked by the supermodel herself, targeting at women who want to wear the trendiest lip color for spring and summer. The innovative formula enables the lipstick to create so gorgeous tones, looks natural but bright enough, that everyone can keep their eyes out of it.

8. MILANI Color Statement Lipstick – Black Cherry


This black cherry color is not for shy people, I’m afraid. Since the color is so attractive, eye-catching and really outstanding from the others, wearing this lipstick will definitely make you the center of intention in any cases. However, if you want something to enhance your strength and power, this is absolutely ideal.

9. Wet N Wild Mega last Lip Stick: Spotlight Red #911D


This lipstick is surprisingly cheap. But its power is as incredible as all high-end products on the market. The lipstick won’t fade out every numbers of hours and as it has moisturizer in it, you don’t have to concern your lips will crack, white or anything.

10. COVERGIRL Lipperfection Lipstick Seduce 307 0.12 Oz, 0.120-Fluid Ounce


This lipstick comes in 44 different shades divided into 4 sections, so it has favorite tones of red for every woman. The color is stunning with great pigments and medium coverage. Moreover, this is also a kind of lip transformation, which takes care of and transforms you lips to a smoother ones in just a week.

Above is our collection of best drugstore red lipsticks, which contain handpicked items that are up to strictest beauty standard. It’s time you choose your most suitable tube of red lipstick and be beautiful and charming.

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