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5 tips to help you have your perfect nude lipstick

Nude lipstick always has anirresistible appeal due to the fashionable and trendy look that it owns. However, how can you choose the right nude lipstick to make you look beautiful yet not pale and lifeless? 1. Take notice of your skin color Nude lipstick is suitable for every girl, but ...

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Why do women get addicted to red lipstick?

Apparently women always keep in their mind that when it comes to lip-caring products, red lipstick is indispensable. Red tends to make women more attractive and charming. 1. Red lipstick stimulates human emotions According to a psychological study, red gives human a warm feeling, provokes love and intimacy in each ...

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8 secrets you should know about tint lipstick

With its own advantages and disadvantages, liquid lipstick has grabbed the attention of many ladies, but it doesn’t mean that everyone is suitable for this lipstick style and that’s why you should know how to use it according to its features. To learn more about this hot item and understand ...

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